Michael W.

…I’m so grateful to the entire staff – they really changed my life. A few days after the last procedure my wife commented that she is a little sad that we won’t be going back there for a while and she feels like we are leaving family – which is really how they treated us!

Emma L.

This place is legit. You go in blind, you come out like cyclops from the xmen. In a good way. Dr Magruder is like super duper nice and will personally call you to check up on your new bionic eyes. He will patiently dispel all of your irrational fears that you have about the surgery before hand. Highly recommended. Plus the office is really classy operation. Go forth and be healed.

Joyce A.

Impressed that Dr. M leads mission teams to provide eye services to people in DR. So thankful he offered me a product that stops dry eye miseries. Personable, efficient, and caring staff!

Dan W.

Simply THE BEST. I flew into town on Tuesday, had my preop appointment and examination on Thursday, and had my LASIK surgery on Friday morning. The procedure was about fifteen minutes from start to finish! UNBELIEVABLE!!! Dr. Magruder even let me select what kind of music I wanted to listen to during the surgery. What’s more — Dr. Magruder called me personally to check in on me that evening!! I had my follow up appointment the following afternoon. Guess what?!? 20-15 vision AND he said it’s probably gonna get even better! My dad is beside himself asking me to read signs on the highway quite a distance away and hearing me accurately respond! Need LASIK? Look no further 🙂

Liz Casillas B.

Dr. Magruder is my hero and the Laservue team is awesome! It is an amazing feeling to be able to see without contacts or glasses. I can’t stop smiling when I think about my vision or stop talking about how great it is to have this surgery done. I often times find myself just staring at things off in the distance still amazed I can see them without contacts or glasses and then I just smile smile emoticon Dr. Magruder and his team are the best, hands down and they have changed my life!

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