1999: Installed the first autonomous eye-tracking laser in the United States.

2001: Performed the first custom cornea Wavefront-guided treatments in Central Florida.

2001: Became an FDA investigational study site for Wavefront-guided LASIK.

2005: Dr. Magruder was the first to offer the Verisyse implantable lenses.

2005: The first to bring the Wavelight Allegretto laser to Central Florida.

2011: Introduced Central Florida’s first Intralase iFS, a blade-free method offering a decreased likelihood of complications.

2012: Dr. Magruder was on the cutting edge of cataract technology, bringing the very first LensAR Cataract Laser to Central Florida.

2016: Magruder Laser Vision was the first laser eye center in Central Florida to offer the KAMRA and Raindrop inlay.

2016: First to bring laser-assisted treatment of deposits or condensation in the vitreous, known as “eye floaters”.

2017: Bringing Central Florida’s first personalized topography-guided LASIK procedure with Alcon’s Contoura Vision.

These are just a few of the innovative “firsts” Magruder Laser Vision brought to Central Florida.