Similar to Orlando LASIK, PRK can treat nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism by removing tiny amounts of tissue from the surface of the cornea. During your laser vision correction consultation, We will determine which procedure is best for your individual situation.

The results of PRK and LASIK are very similar, and PRK may be a more effective alternative for some guests. Because the laser focuses on the top of the cornea instead of underneath, it does not require a flap, making it the ideal vision correction procedure for some athletes and some military personnel. The recovery period for PRK can be a bit longer, but the results are comparable.

Five Star Review

"I play golf and my complaint about mono would be loss of depth perception. Close up was never an problem until about two years ago now closer than 18 inches is blurry with no contacts and impossible with it. My goal was to NEVER wear glasses again."

- W. Blackmer -

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