Orlando LASIK corrects your vision by applying the most advanced cool-beam Allegretto Laser onto your cornea to gently reshape the cornea and give you perfect or near-perfect vision. Dr. Magruder can safely correct a range of nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

The actual laser portion of the treatment lasts only a few seconds, and you will be in and out of the procedure room in less than 30 minutes. Recovery time is minimal, with most guests driving and returning to work the next day. Our guests often say their vision after LASIK eye surgery is better than with glasses or contacts, and they save hundreds or sometimes thousands of dollars on glasses and contacts over the years.

Advances in laser technology have elevated the standards of safety, results, and comfort. And the constantly evolving technology means more people than ever before are candidates for Orlando LASIK. If you were not a good candidate for LASIK in the past, you might be eligible now.

Five Star Review

"“It was wonderful. No issues. No headaches. No need to make another appointment. They even called me the day after my surgery to make sure I was feeling ok. The people at Magruder Laser Vision make you feel comfortable and that makes all the difference. Also, I had confidence in my surgeon. Now I have freedom from worrying about glasses and contacts!”"

- Sybil W. - Disney Executive

While Orlando LASIK eye surgery is not for everyone, it works exceptionally well for guests 18 years and older with stable vision. It can treat any prescription – near or farsightedness and astigmatism – as long as it is not extreme. It’s simple to find out if you’re a candidate for Orlando LASIK eye surgery. Schedule your consultation today, and find out for sure during a brief visit with our staff and Dr. Magruder.

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