Dr. Shumski is one of the Nation’s leading surgeons using laser and refractive technologies to treat cataracts. During non-laser cataract surgery, the guest’s natural lens is removed and replaced with an artificial lens implant using traditional surgical implements. Laser cataract surgery allows Dr. Shumski to correct your vision without using blades of any kind.

Dr. Brock Magruder is a pioneer in eye surgery and an innovator in our field. With this advanced cataract surgery option, you get a precise process customized to the exact shape of your eye. The 3-D reconstructed image of your eye allows us to plan and carry out your cataract treatment tailored to every micrometer of your eye.

Five Star Review

"I had worn glasses since I was eight and contacts since after high school — a total of 34 years! What a blessing to be free of the encumbrances. I love being able to go running, sailing and rollerblading without having to worry about something getting in my contacts."

- S. Schamay - Orlando, FL