ICL or Implantable Contact Lenses can be an excellent alternative to LASIK for medium to extreme nearsightedness. They provide excellent quality of vision and are the preferred treatment in many military situations.

Orlando LASIK changes the shape of your corneas by removing small amounts of corneal tissue to correct vision, allowing you to retain your natural focusing ability. With the ICL procedure, Dr. Magruder implants a collamer (collagen-based) lens without the removal of your eye’s natural lens. Unlike contact lenses, these implanted lenses never need to be removed for cleaning. And unlike LASIK surgery, they are removable – making the treatment reversible.

Five Star Review

"“I started asking for references from friends and family members who had had surgery in the past, and I spoke with a few nurses and doctors that I worked with. They recommended Dr. Magruder, and others who knew him spoke highly of his practice. I liked his level of experience, that he owned his own practice—so who I met in the initial consultation would be who performed the surgery—and that he had corrective eye surgery himself.”"

- Dr. Dennis S. - Gynecologist (OBGYN)

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