Choosing a LASIK surgeon is one of the most important healthcare decisions you will ever make. At Magruder Laser Vision, we want you to make the best decision for you – and we are here to help in any way. It all starts with your free consultation when you spend time with Doc Brock and his team.

We believe it is imperative for you to meet the person you are trusting with your vision. How else can you possibly make this crucial decision?

Do your research online, talk to friends or co-workers who have had laser vision correction, and look at the credentials of any doctor you are considering. But it ultimately comes down to you being comfortable with the staff and facility.

Many prospective patients look at the cost of LASIK first. But don’t be tempted to look only at the bottom line. It’s okay to bargain-shop for a pair of shoes or new TV – but your eye care is priceless. With our financing options or the opportunity to use an employee-provided flexible spending account, state-of-the-art care is available to everyone.

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  • No charge for initial consultation with Doc Brock
  • Find out on the spot if you are a candidate
  • Learn about all your treatment options
  • The team will answer questions and put you at ease
  • Learn about the simple financing options

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