Average Yearly Expenses for Glasses/Contacts:

Payment Options for Any Budget

When you compare the cost of refractive surgery with the cost of maintaining glasses or contacts over a 10-year period, the choice is clear. Vision correction procedures save you more money in the long term. And the convenience is priceless.

Here are four options that make it easier for you to see what you’re missing.

1. Cash/Credit

We accept all major forms of traditional payment and credit cards. Be sure to check our current specials!

2. Financing

We offer the most generous financing options in the state, including $0 down, 0% interest plans, and on 0% financing*.

3. Tax Refunds

Let Uncle Sam pay for your refractive surgery! Use your refund on something that will change your life – and save you money.

4. Flex Accounts

Flex plans and health savings accounts are the very best way to pay for vision correction. Use your pre-tax dollars to save up to an additional $900!

*Terms and conditions may apply – see our coordinators for details.

Financing Options

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