The health and well-being of your eyes should always be the primary concern of your Ophthalmologist, and hands down, there is no one better qualified to care for your eyes than the board-certified doctors at Magruder Laser Vision. Dr. Michael Shumski and Dr. Brock Magruder, Jr. bring their education and experience to helping you keep your eyes healthy and your vision as crystal clear as it can be. If you are seeking an amazing, experienced ophthalmologist to care for your eyes, you have found the best there is!

Guest Care

What sets Magruder Laser Vision apart is our ability to offer many different techniques to suit each guest’s unique eye care and vision needs. We specialize in each of the following vision correction procedures:

Choosing the right ophthalmologist to care for your eyes requires careful consideration. Your sight depends on it. When you choose Magruder Laser Vision, you’ve selected years of experience with doctors who remain on the cutting edge of advancements in vision correction procedures. If you seek vision correction, we will ensure that you receive the procedure that is the right choice for you. Magruder Laser Vision is the only choice when considering your vision and eye health in Orlando. Book online to schedule your free consultation, or call 407-843-5665