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“Ripe” is an old term that no longer applies to cataracts. We remove them when they interfere with a person’s vision. Cataracts will get worse with time. There is no need to take out a cataract unless an individual is having trouble doing everyday tasks/hobbies. If you are told that you have a cataract but no one has recommended surgery, it is probably because it is not yet affecting your vision.

Most of our patients opt for one of our Premium Cataract packages and don’t need prescription glasses. In other cases, we usually recommend waiting at least three weeks before getting new glasses made.

You will have a follow-up within 24 hours of surgery. Additional follow-up varies from patient to patient, but most patients are seen again 2-3 weeks after their surgery date.

Yes, you will have to remove your contact lenses prior to taking measurements of your eye. The amount of time depends on which type of contacts you wear. You may put your contacts back in after the measurements have been taken, but they must come out again 3 days prior to surgery.

No, you can take all of your regular medications as you normally would. On the day of surgery, you will cut your diabetic medication dosage in half.

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