Winter Eye Care FAQ

If it feels like your eyes are more sensitive than usual during the winter, it’s not you. Winter weather can be tough on eyes. The team at Magruder Laser Vision have some tips to help you get through this time of year. You may notice that when you travel outside of Florida’s temperate climate during the winter months, your eyes begin to feel different. Cold, dry temperatures, heavy winds, and other weather conditions can make your eyes feel dry and scratchy. If you’re heading to the slopes for a ski vacation, then the sun’s rays bouncing off the snow and ice can cause damage. While inside, blasting heaters sap moisture while less humidity outdoors also causes dry eyes.

If you plan to head to cooler climates and you wear contacts, your eyes may become uncomfortable. But don’t worry about your lenses freezing to your eyeballs—it can’t happen.

Many joggers and runners find their eyes water more in the cold. This is because the lack of moisture in the air makes your eyes feel dry, so they go into overtime to restore moisture. If you’re outside, then you can try wearing protective eyewear. Indoors, using a humidifier and eye drops can help. Should your eyes water excessively, a prescription can help reduce the irritation until they get back to normal.

Remember that sun damage is possible even in winter. Wearing polarized sunglasses and goggles can protect your eyes from sunburn and other conditions that result from UV exposure.

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