What is KAMRA?

KAMRA If you have decided it is time you want to see the world clearly without the aid of glasses or contact and considering laser eye surgery in Orlando, it’s important to research potential procedures and providers carefully. While most individuals have heard of traditional LASIK, they might not be as familiar with a procedure known as KAMRA. An effective treatment for those who struggle to read and see objects close up, KAMRA has been embraced by eye surgeons who offer cutting-edge and innovative treatments to help people improve their vision.

How KAMRA Works

Tiny, implantable lenses, KAMRA inlays help patients see clearly without reading glasses. A simple procedure, KAMRA treatments are performed in a doctor’s office and take just 20 minutes to complete. Dr. Magruder evaluates patients in his Orlando office before deciding if they are good candidates for KAMRA or other laser treatments.

An inlay treatment, KAMRA allows a wide variety of patients to enjoy clearer vision without the aid of glasses or contacts. Best of all, there are no blurry areas in your range of vision – after undergoing KARMA, you will be able to see both near and far without a hassle. Enjoy all your regular activities without being reliant on one or more pairs of glasses to see.

Benefits of KAMRA

If you’re tired of searching for your glasses or struggling to read the paper in the morning, KAMRA might be for you. Not only does this treatment provide patients with a more natural range of vision, but it also delivers long-term results so you can see better for years to come. Enjoy greater vision while retaining your distance vision and depth perception. And because KAMRA is removable, patients can always change their minds at a later date.

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For KAMRA in Orlando, trust Doc Brock and the experts at Magruder Laser Vision. Make sure you’re taking the best first step to simplifying your lifestyle. Since 1995, we offer a countless array of treatments to help individuals see more clearly without relying on glasses or contacts. Enjoy the everyday freedom to experience life without glasses. To learn more about KAMRA, call 407-843-5665 today, or schedule a priority consultation with Doc Brock online. We are Magruder Laser Vision — Correcting Eyes. Changing Lives.