The Coupon Center -- Are You Really Getting the Best Deal on Laser Eye Surgery?

The LASIK Eye Surgery Coupon – Watch Out For Those Hidden Fees

We have all seen that coupon in the Sunday paper “$299* per eye for LASIK Eye Surgery”. What we fail to notice is that tiny, starry looking thingy next to the nine. It is called an asterisk, and it means, “watch out”. This eye-catching coupon ad is a come on to get you through the door. Once you are through the door, everything else is an add-on. Do you have astigmatism? That will cost you more. Do you want their newer, “safer” technology? More. Post op care? More. Warranty on your new peepers? Cha-ching! It all adds up quickly. The fact of the matter is excimer lasers cost over $500K. The doctor, trained staff, rent and all the other equipment used in providing even minimal care, let alone laser eye surgery would not come close to being covered if they charged only $299 per eye, so are you really getting a good deal on your Laser Eye Surgery?

What Questions to Ask at Your LASIK Eye Surgery Consultation

When you call to make your appointment for a LASIK eye surgery consultation, does a human or a machine answer the phone? Chose the facility with a human. A human can answer questions. A human can get things done. What a machine says to me is: “We are cutting costs. Our profit is more important than being convenient and courteous to you”. Also, during the initial call, if you get to talk to a human, ask questions. How much is the procedure? This is important; if they are hesitant or will not answer the question, this is the same thing as that nasty little asterisk in the coupon ad. Watch out for evasiveness.

During your “FREE” LASIK consultation, did you meet the surgeon? If not, whom is this cheery person doing these tests and determining that you are a candidate for surgery?? Only a licensed doctor can evaluate the tests and determine if you are an ideal candidate for laser eye surgery. Not a salesperson accepting a coupon. Let me say this again, a sales person, LASIK counselor or refractive coordinator is NOT qualified to determine if laser eye surgery is best for you. I shouldn’t have to tell you this, but it is important to meet your surgeon BEFORE you make the decision to let this person do LASIK surgery on your eyes. If the doctor is too busy to take the time, sit down and discuss the procedure while you are still in the “shopping phase”, do you honestly think he is going to have time to see you once he has your money? It is also important to have a good rapport with not only the surgeon, but his staff as well. This team of professionals will be taking care of you during your post op phase. It is important that you actually like them.

Want to know more? Check back next week for the next part in our misleading eye-care coupon series to tips on how to find the best LASIK eye surgery doctor for you.