The Anatomy of the Eye

Humans are highly visual creatures, and we rely on eyesight to guide us through daily activities. Seeing is often used along with other senses to navigate the world around us. Keeping your eyesight strong and healthy means scheduling an annual exam with an Orlando LASIK specialist to ensure that all parts of the eye are working correctly.

Shape, color, and dimension are all used by the eye to help the brain connect with the world. The eye can see in different kinds of lighting, but some light must always be present in order to see.

Although you can only see part of the eye, the eye is a round globe approximately one inch in diameter. The eye is set into the eye socket and connected to the brain so the brain can determine images. The eye is set in soft fatty tissue that allows the eye to move as well as provide protection. Six muscles help the eye move. It is these structures that help maintain the vision and health of your eyes.


Some key parts of the eye include:

  • Cornea: Sometimes referred to as “the window of the eye” because it provides the most focusing power. The cornea is made up of five layers of tissue that provide support and function for the eye. LASIK surgery can help correct corneal issues that affect vision.

  • Pupil: The center of the iris. It contracts and expands to let in light.

  • Lens: A clear structure that provides focusing for near vision. As we age, the lens may become clouded with cataracts.

  • Iris: The iris is not only the color of the eye (blue, brown, green, hazel) but also controls the size of the pupil.

  • Optic Nerve: Carries electrical signals from the retina to the brain.

  • Retina: Functions like film in a camera as it transmits images to your brain.

  • Sclera: The white part of the eye that provides structure, protection, and strength.

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