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Cataract Awareness Month: Everything You Need To Know

Cataract Awareness Month: Everything You Need To Know

Other than having to start wearing reading glasses when we’ve reached a “certain age,” the most traumatic impact aging will have on our eyes is the development of cataract. As we live longer lives, it is a safe estimation that more than half of the population will have developed at least one cataract by the age of 80.

The Relationship Between Age & LASIK Surgery

Many people wonder about the best time to get LASIK Surgery. There isn’t a concrete age number, but it is best to seek LASIK surgery once your eyes have reached ocular maturity. This typically occurs at anywhere from 20-55 years of age. At that point in your life, you probably already wear glasses and contact lenses, and your vision is likely to be stable. It would also be nice to set aside the corrective lenses and experience the joy of waking up with clear vision.

In one of his informative videos, Dr. Brock "Doc Brock" Magruder Jr., a leading LASIK expert in Orlando, explains that there are two key reasons to get LASIK surgery at a younger age:

Though ocular maturity typically occurs between the ages of 20 and 55, LASIK can be performed both before and after this time frame. Those in their early 50s are at a higher risk for age-related changes in the lenses, including early stages of cataracts, making this time less recommended for LASIK. LASIK is not recommended for patients that are already experiencing these changes, but not all patients are the same. Some patients are great candidates in their early 50s and beyond.

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