Staff Spotlight: Jennifer Gonzalez


Since 2015, Optometrist (OD) and Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry (FAAO), Jennifer Gonzalez has been finding new solutions for vision correction patients in Orlando. She loves helping others on their path to clear vision and better eye health at Magruder Laser Vision. Through getting to know each patient personally and paying close attention to detail, Dr. Gonzalez helps patients achieve their goals of better vision and improved eye health.Inspired by her grandfather’s battle with glaucoma, Dr. Gonzalez takes time to learn each patient’s comprehensive health history and lifestyle before creating a custom treatment plan. Everything from work to hobbies is carefully noted to find vision solutions that work. Some of Dr. Gonzalez’s favorite patient memories include finding great results for a patient suffering from very high refractive error, and another patient who had previously experienced a chronic, ongoing issue with recurrent corneal erosion syndrome, but found relief through Dr. Gonzalez’s novel plan that included the use of contact lenses.

For Dr. Gonzalez, the most important part of her job includes providing not only primary eye care for patients managing eye diseases. She says, “Assessing the patient’s needs and using that information along with exam findings and clinical knowledge to create an optimal solution for them as well as effectively communicating that to them” is crucial. Knowing that her efforts can directly impact a patient’s quality of life keeps Dr. Gonzalez driven to find new solutions and the latest in technological vision care advancements, ranging from combined therapies to new procedures such as SMILE.

When she isn’t busy finding new solutions for patients to enjoy the best eye health, Dr. Gonzalez enjoys yoga, paddle boarding, music, theater, dance, and the arts in general, fitness, and running Spartan races and 5K’s. Because of her many hobbies, Dr. Gonzalez knows firsthand the role that eye health plays in staying active, and always offers patients the best treatments.

In 1996, the Orlando LASIK ophthalmologist team at Magruder opened their practice and introduced locals to Central Florida’s first refractive surgery center. Since then, they have continued to innovate by introducing game-changing technology and pursuing ongoing education to master the latest techniques. To learn more about what the Orlando LASIK ophthalmologists at Magruder Laser Vision can do for you, call us at (407) 843-5665 or read our blog for more information!