See Why Cataract Surgery at LaserVue Orlando is One Of Our Most Common and Safest Procedures

This isn’t your grandma’s cataract surgery! When you hear the word “cataract”, typically you think of your parents and grandparents. A cataract is the clouding of the natural lens of your eye. You can be born with cataracts, or they can form after certain diseases or eye injury.

However, they are a normal “age related” change. If you get grey hair and wrinkles, you will eventually get cataracts! The term “age related” is somewhat misleading though, as many people form cataracts in their 40’s and 50’s and these cataracts typically do not affect vision for quite some time.

The Right Time For Cataract Surgery

You will know that it is time for cataract surgery when your cataracts begin to impede your vision and affect daily life. Some may find it difficult to drive at night, read or they notice that they are bothered by glare. This is the time to call Magruder Laser Vision and Dr. Magruder, Central Florida’s premier cataract and refractive surgeon for a cataract surgery evaluation!

Cataract Surgery is Safe and Fast at Magruder Laser Vision

Cataract surgery has made remarkable improvements in the last 30 years. Most patients are able to return to their regular activities the following day with outcomes that were not possible a few years ago.

The cataract surgery techniques used today make the procedure quicker and safer. Dr. Magruder is one of the few surgeons in the country using the LENSAR for laser cataract removal. The Lensar’s “augmented reality” provides Dr. Magruder with a sophisticated 3-D view of your eye allowing him to customize your procedure to your eye’s own unique size and shape. Couple this technology with premium intraocular lenses that correct for astigmatism or the multifocal lenses that allow you to see both far and near, and you will see why NOW is the best time to have a cataract!

Are you ready to have those cataracts gone and eliminate your fuzzy vision? See why Dr. Magruder should be your trusted cataract surgeon here or schedule your free cataract consultation with Dr. Magruder today.