What Really Happens When You Sleep in Contact Lenses?

If you wear contact lenses on any kind of regular basis, then you’ve probably also fallen asleep in them. After all, they were comfortable, and you were sleepy, and it’s probably not that bad, right? And the bonus is getting to wake up and see the alarm clock next to you. But falling asleep in your contacts really isn’t a good idea for the health of your eyes and your future vision. Have you ever considered LASIK surgery so you don’t have to bother with the hassle of taking out your contact lenses before you fall asleep? The experts at Magruder Laser Vision offer LASIK surgery so that you don’t have to risk sleeping in your contact lenses to wake up with perfect vision. The FDA considers contact lenses a drug because they are a foreign substance, even if they go on, not in, your body. As a drug, they are considered safe, but with caveats. Sleeping in your contact lenses may not be harmful once or twice. But because contact lenses block oxygen to your cornea, they’re not usually meant for long-term or overnight use. Some lenses do allow more oxygen to pass than others but it is still advisable to remove your lenses for sleeping.

If you leave your lenses in, you risk infection. And continuing to wear lenses with an infection can lead to further issues and the need for a prescription drug treatment. In the worst-case scenarios, infection can actually eat your corneas and cause vision loss, which is not a good look and not healthy for your vision. So why risk it? Make an appointment with Magruder Laser Vision and find out the different ways that LASIK surgery can help you protect your vision.

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