Overcome Your Fear of Laser Eye Surgery

The First Step: Researching LASIK Eye Surgery Practices

Last month we discussed how the cost of laser eye surgery holds people back from LASIK eye surgery in Orlando. Another thing holding people back from laser eye surgery is fear.

If you have done your homework and found a professional LASIK eye surgery doctor who owns his own practice, has invested in the best and latest technology, has privileges at the local hospital, deep roots in the community and has time to meet with you during the consultation phase, you should be feeling more comfortable.

Next: Finding the Right LASIK Eye Surgery Doctor

Check out your surgeon as well. Does he own his own laser eye surgery practice? Does he live in the area? Is he on staff at a local hospital? The answer should be YES to each of these questions. A doctor who owns his own laser eye surgery practice has his name and reputation at stake. He is not going to disappear in the middle of the night and leave you without care. This kind of care goes hand in hand with living in the area and ties within the community. His hospital privileges are important. In order to keep these privileges, the doctor must jump through the hospital’s bureaucratic hoops of fire once a year. This means he has insurance, his license is valid and the hospital stands behind him.

The History of LASIK Eye Surgery in Orlando

It will help you to know that LASIK eye surgery has been done in the United States for over two decade and even longer in other countries. Countless professional athletes such as Tiger Woods and Lebron James have undergone laser eye surgery. These are men who depend on their eyesight to keep their millions rolling in! Again, it always helps to talk to someone who has had the LASIK eye surgery procedure. If you have chosen the right LASIK doctor, he probably has a few past LASIK patients who would be more than happy to talk to you on the phone. Ask the doctor’s refractive coordinator if they have such a service. Also, talk to the refractive coordinator. Chances are, she has seen thousands of other patients such as yourself and can talk you through the laser eye surgery procedure. Believe it or not, the more you know about LASIK eye surgery, the more relaxed you will be on surgery day…then you can just sit back, and enjoy the valium on surgery day.

Don’t let fear or laser eye surgery cost stand in the way of your perfect vision. Contact Dr. Magruder today and learn more about LASIK eye surgery at Magruder Laser Vision online, or schedule your free laser eye surgery consultation.