Magruder Laser Vision Now Offers the KAMRA Procedure

Magruder-Laser-Vision-Now-Offers-the-KAMRA-Procedure Have you been stretching your arms to their maximum length and still unsuccessfully struggling to read the book in front of you? Do you find yourself purchasing and stashing reading glasses in every room in your home and have spare pairs hidden in your desk at work? Do you feel totally helpless when you leave your reading glasses at home and can’t read the menu in a restaurant? Oh, and are you between 40 and 50 years of age? Welcome to one of the great signs of achieving middle-aged status. You don’t need to be frustrated; you need an option: introducing the KAMRA Orlando Procedure at Magruder Laser Vision.

Presbyopia is the medical term for the loss of near vision. Reading, computer work, knitting, cooking, a plethora of daily life activities become almost impossible to do without wearing reading glasses. The KAMRA inlay may just be the ideal solution for you if you hate wearing reading glasses. What makes the KAMRA procedure so appealing? The KAMRA inlay helps to provide a normal range of vision without blurry zones from near to far. The inlay is long lasting and works with your dominant eye to provide clarity both near and far.

The KAMRA inlay is a corneal inlay which is extremely thin and smaller in diameter than a contact lens. The center of the inlay has an opening which is placed in front of the pupil’s center. It works much the same as a pin-hole camera does. The natural range of vision is increased, which results in closer objects appearing closer and in focus. As alluded to above, the inlay is placed in the non-dominant eye which allows for the distance vision in the dominant eye to remain intact thus striking a perfect balance between near and far vision.

The KAMRA corneal inlay was developed by AcuFocus, and it was approved for use in the United States in 2015 by the Food and Drug Administration. It has become the #1 prescribed corneal inlay worldwide, available in over 30 countries!

This highly-advanced technological procedure takes approximately 15 minutes from start to finish and is performed right here at Magruder Laser Vision. There are no stitches involved and no corneal tissue is removed, so the recuperation time is speedy. Vision tends to improve gradually for both near and far, as your eye and brain adapt to the new range of focus. Unlike other corrective eye surgeries, the KAMRA inlay procedure can be removed.

The KAMRA in Orlando procedure is a great alternative to reading glasses to qualified patients of Magruder Laser Vision. To find out if the KAMRA inlay is an alternative to reading glasses that’s right for you, contact us online, or call us at 407-843-5665. Living a life without the need for glasses or contacts doesn’t have to be a dream; it can be a reality with the help of Doc Brock. We are Magruder Laser Vision — Correcting Eyes. Changing Lives.