Good Habits Your Eyes Will Like

sunglasses For the vast majority of the population, the mere thought of losing their vision and living in a completely dark world would be a disturbing life experience. Yet, it is amazing how little attention is actually paid to our eyes when there are preventive measures that we can implement, substantially reducing the risk of developing eye disorders and disease. Doc Brock is the leader of eye surgery in Orlando and suggests some good habits that you should employ to help your eyes stay healthy.

Wear contact lenses? Take note. Follow your doctor’s orders! Hygiene is paramount. Always remove your contact lenses before turning in for the night. Regardless of the composition of your contacts, studies have shown that oxygen flow to the eyes is greatly reduced when wearing lenses. Sleeping without contacts will allow the eyes to refresh and remoisten, which is critical to good eye health. Overall, extended wear contacts are 4-10 times more likely to cause an infection with vision loss than daily wear.

Put on sunglasses. We live in the Sunshine State, and the intensity of the sun can be felt year-round. UVA and UVB light are both harmful to eye health as they are to skin health.  Eyes unprotected from these rays may be at an increased risk of developing age-related macular degeneration and cataracts. Your eyes can be exposed to too much sun resulting in a painful condition call photokeratitis, which is usually temporary, but none the less completely avoidable by wearing high-quality sunglasses. Doc Brock encourages his patients to seek sunglasses with a 99 percent UVA protection rating.

Keep your cosmetics and cosmetic brushes clean. Makeup experts and eye physicians all agree that eye makeup, and especially mascara, should be discarded at regular intervals to avoid the risk of a bacterial infection developing in your eyes. It’s also suggested that you avoid wearing eye makeups that contain glitter or are iridescent flecks as they may contain small particles that can irritate the eye. Cosmetic brushes are also susceptible to bacterial build up and should be washed frequently. A simple soap and water cleaning should be sufficient enough to reduce the potential for bacterial infections, such as conjunctivitis, from affecting your eyes.

Step away from all screens for a while. Doc Brock and the staff at Magruder Laser Vision know how difficult it is to put down the tablet, laptop, and smartphone, or to step away from the computer or video gaming screen. In our constantly evolving technologically-savvy world, our eyes are exposed to longer periods of time viewing these types of devices and are suffering from what has been aptly named digital eye strain. There has been an increase in patients reporting the sensation of burning and stinging eyes, accompanied with redness and dryness. Some also complain of eye twitching and blurred vision after spending long periods of time viewing a screen. The solution is simple: Doc Brock calls it the 20/20 fix. Try to ensure your screens are held at a minimum of 20 inches away from your eyes, and step away from all screens at regular intervals for at least 20 minutes to give your eyes a break.

Schedule regular eye exams at least once a year. Just as you take the time to care for your overall health with an annual exam by your family physician, Doc Brock wants to share that it is equally important to schedule an annual eye exam to check the health of your eyes. Early detection is crucial to the treatment of most eye disorders and diseases. Glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration often do not become symptomatic but are easily identified by a thorough eye exam.


The health of your eyes is the number one priority at Magruder Laser Vision. Healthy eyes are indeed the windows to the world, so keep them that way. Doc Brock is here to personally meet with you to address any concerns you might have about your eye health and options for improving your vision. Eye surgery in Orlando should be your first choice when considering your vision and eye health. Contact us online, or call us at 407-843-5665, and let Doc Brock and the staff at Magruder Laser Vision help you to healthier and clearer vision. See the world the way it was intended. We are Magruder Laser Vision — Correcting Eyes. Changing Lives.