Fun Eye Facts

LASIK Orlando experts see hundreds of eyes every day, and they know just about everything there is to know about eyes. Here are some of their favorite eye facts you can use to WOW your friends.

  1. Looking into a shark’s eyes versus a human’s can make you weak in the knees for very different reasons. But shark eyes and human eyes actually have a lot in common, which is why shark eyes have been used for human cornea transplants.

  2. Humans and dogs are the only species that make eye contact with others to get their attention or relay information. And even dogs only do that when interacting with humans!

  3. Despite the old tale that sneezing with your eyes open could dislocate your eyeballs, you CAN sneeze with your eyes open. This isn’t suggested though, as it’s the body’s automatic response to protecting you from getting germs in your eyes and can help protect from eye strain.

  4. Pirates are known for their iconic gold earrings. They wore them because they believed it would improve their vision, which is important when one of your eyes is covered with a patch!

  5. When babies are born, they only see black and white.

  6. Eye color is actually a genetic mutation. Every human originally had brown eyes.

  7. There are three types of tears: basal tears, eyewash tears, and psychic tears. The basal tears are what your eyes contain throughout the day. They are made of salt, water, mucus, and oil, and prevent your tears from evaporating. Eyewash tears are used to flush out debris. Psychic tears are the body’s response to strong emotion and contain hormones as well as natural painkillers.

  8. The eye muscle is the fastest muscle in the human body, contracting in less than 1/100th of a second.

  9. Your eyelashes have a lifespan of around five months.

  10. Holding eye contact can make someone seem more empathetic or trustworthy. But prolonged eye contact could be the mark of someone who’s telling a lie.

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