Headaches? Your Vision Might be Changing

Many headaches are caused by eye strain, which can be alleviated by something as simple as adding task lighting to your work surface. On the other hand, some headaches are more serious and better suited for an appointment with Doc Brock, Orlando ophthalmologists at Magruder Laser Vision. Below are many visual disturbances that may induce headaches. Astigmatism In a perfect world, your eye has a smooth, relatively spherical surface which bends light to focus it onto the retina. Your eyes become astigmatic when irregularities in the structures of the eye which bend light cause the light to be focused in different places. These irregularities can cause headaches or eye strain symptoms.  

Hyperopia and Myopia More commonly known as farsightedness and nearsightedness, these disorders are caused by your eye refusing the focus light on the macula, which is the region of the sharpest vision. Instead, your eye focuses light in front of or behind the macula, which can lead to symptoms of strain and trigger headaches to ensue.

Presbyopia Latin for “old vision”, presbyopia is a hardening of the lens which diminishes the eye’s ability to focus in a flexible manner, especially when objects are close. While this issue can be easily fixed by corrective glasses, some patients can’t be bothered to remember until after a long day of headaches and difficult reading.

Cataracts By the age of 70, over half of all Americans develop cataracts. Cataracts are caused by a buildup of protein on the lens of the eye, which is typically comprised of a healthy mix of water and proteins. If the world seems gauzy, lights are yellow, or your vision doubles, cataracts may be the culprit.

Glaucoma Your eye contains fluid to maintain its shape. Too much fluid or poorly drained fluid causes a build up within the eye which can damage the optic nerve. Angle closure glaucoma presents itself rapidly and causes blurred vision and headaches.

Your local Orlando ophthalmologist, Doc Brock, has decades of experience helping his patients regain the vision they had long before their headaches began. If your vision has recently changed, contact the specialists at Magruder at 407-843-5665. Click over to our blog page to learn about many of our procedures and the latest in technological advancements in eye care.

Custom Cataract Procedure: What’s it Worth?

In the past, cataract procedures had one option: remove the cloudy lens with a clear replacement and continue wearing prescription glasses. This option is definitely still available and generally fully covered by insurance. Magruder Laser Vision has another approach to cataract replacement that could have you seeing 20/20 without prescription lenses! The Orlando ophthalmology team at Magruder Laser Vision presents the following information concerning custom cataract surgery.

Custom Cataract Correction is Incredibly Precise

Custom cataract procedures includes a 3D reconstructed image of your eye to determine the imperfections. This 3D image helps your Orlando ophthalmology team plan the procedure to give you the ultimate in safety and precision for your cataract procedure.

Using a laser, a custom intraocular lens (IOL) is implanted to replace your cloudy lens. The implant is designed to your prescription and can correct presbyopia and astigmatism, giving you better vision than you have experienced in decades. Additionally, custom cataract surgery removes the halos around lights that many astigmatic patients recognize. This allows patients to drive confidently at night or in low light conditions.

Because the procedure involves only lasers and no blades, the eye ususally recovers extremely quickly. A custom cataract procedure basically combines the benefits of cataract removal and LASIK treatment.

A Custom Cataract Procedure is the Patient’s Choice

Doc Brock reports that 2/3 of his patients choose custom cataracts because they value their vision and find the ability to see without searching for glasses is worth more than just money. The cost of custom cataract lens replacement is similar to a LASIK procedure, approximately $2,000 per eye in out of pocket expenses. Calculating the cost of glasses and contacts over time, the cost diminishes significantly. The ability to be able to see without corrective lenses makes it well worth any cost.

Some researchers believe everyone will eventually develop cataracts if they live long enough. Knowing that the population is aging and living longer, giant leaps have occurred in the field of cataract care. This procedure is now in-office with most patients able to drive the following day with clearer, brighter vision. The Orlando ophthalmology team at Magruder Laser Vision would love to speak with you concerning custom cataract procedures. Give us a call at 407-843-5665 and read our blogs to learn about the latest news in eye procedures and the safety of laser vision correction.

What to Expect During LASIK Eye Procedure

lasik If the mere thought of having surgery on your eyes is enough to send you running for the hills, let’s break it down for you and ease your mind. On one hand, you know that you’re eager to experience the joy of waking up in the morning with perfect vision. Being able to do anything you want without worrying about your glasses or contacts would be a dream come true. You’ve heard the commercials, read the testimonials about having laser eye procedure in Orlando, and have heard about the fabulous results people experience. Still, you have reservations and that is completely normal. Being well informed and having an open consultation with Doc Brock will help alleviate your anxiety. Here’s what to expect.

Schedule a Consultation

We are conveniently located in the heart of Orlando right off of I4, so you don’t have to trek too far for your initial consultation. Our level of service starts when you walk in the front door, as you’re greeted by a friendly face at the front desk. That level of services continues on throughout all of your appointments, as you will encounter those same friendly faces each time you visit. We ensure there are no surprises and you know exactly what to expect every time you walk through our doors. After your initial 30 minute consultation with Doc Brock, he will explain the next steps so you feel confident with the rest of the process.

Day of Procedure

On the day of your LASIK eye procedure, you will be greeted by the same staff you’ve come to know well throughout your experience with us. Prior to this day, Doc Brock and his staff will ensure that you’re fully prepared for what to expect on the day of surgery. He arms you with the information needed to make sure you feel safe, secure, and confident in your decision to improve your vision. Doc Brock will gently talk you through the entire 10 minute procedure.

After the Procedure

After the procedure, Doc Brock and his staff will make sure you have everything you need for recovery and to know and understand what to expect in the follow up appointments. Your vision will be noticeably better the following day. You should be able to drive yourself back to our office for a brief follow-up appointment.

Now that you know what to expect, it’s time to schedule that initial consultation with Doc Brock. He is one of the only eye doctors in Orlando to provide initial consultations himself in order to have a personalized experience with each and every one of his patients. To find out more about what to expect during laser eye surgery in Orlando, please contact Doc Brock at Magruder Laser Vision. You can complete our online contact form, or call us at 407-843-5665. Don’t let fear keep you from a world without glasses or contacts! We are Magruder Laser Vision — Correcting Eyes. Changing Lives.