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Technology Spotlight: Cool-Beam Allegretto Laser

Technology Spotlight: Cool-Beam Allegretto Laser

Eye correction procedures are much more technologically advanced than they were even a decade ago. The most outstanding technology to date is excimer lasers. At Magruder Laser Vision, one of the solutions we utilize for LASIK vision correction technology is the WaveLight® Allegretto Wave® EX500 Excimer Laser System.

The Relationship Between Age & LASIK Surgery

Many people wonder about the best time to get LASIK Surgery. There isn’t a concrete age number, but it is best to seek LASIK surgery once your eyes have reached ocular maturity. This typically occurs at anywhere from 20-55 years of age. At that point in your life, you probably already wear glasses and contact lenses, and your vision is likely to be stable. It would also be nice to set aside the corrective lenses and experience the joy of waking up with clear vision.

In one of his informative videos, Dr. Brock "Doc Brock" Magruder Jr., a leading LASIK expert in Orlando, explains that there are two key reasons to get LASIK surgery at a younger age:

Though ocular maturity typically occurs between the ages of 20 and 55, LASIK can be performed both before and after this time frame. Those in their early 50s are at a higher risk for age-related changes in the lenses, including early stages of cataracts, making this time less recommended for LASIK. LASIK is not recommended for patients that are already experiencing these changes, but not all patients are the same. Some patients are great candidates in their early 50s and beyond.

Magruder Laser Vision can help you decide whether LASIK is the right option for your vision needs. Since opening in 1996, we have has continued to innovate by introducing game-changing technology and pursuing ongoing education to master the latest techniques. To learn more about the Orlando LASIK experts at Magruder Laser Vision can do for you, call us at (407) 843-5665 or read our blog for more information!

What is KAMRA?

As the eye ages, it loses elasticity. This keeps the eye from focusing correctly on your computer or smartphone even though the words on a television screen are easy to read. Generally occurring when we reach the age of 40 or so, presbyopia is frustrating, especially when it is accompanied by reading glasses. If you require reading glasses, you probably spend more time looking for your glasses than actually seeing through them. The Orlando ophthalmology experts at Magruder Laser Vision have a solution for presbyopia – KAMRA.

The KAMRA inlay restores close vision without disturbing far vision. Even better than helping your vision today, KAMRA adjusts to presbyopic changes as they occur.

The KAMRA inlay is ideal for patients aged 45 to 60 who experience sharp distance vision but have recently developed poor close-up vision. Resembling a small, thin contact lens, the KAMRA inlay has an opaque outer ring surrounding a clear central opening. Much like a pinhole camera, images are seen through this tiny opening and brought into sharp focus while objects in the distance remain unaffected. The KAMRA inlay is usually placed in a patient’s non-dominant eye giving the patient a binocular effect for far vision and reliance on the non-dominant eye for clear close vision.

The entire KAMRA inlay procedure lasts less than 15 minutes and is performed on an outpatient basis in the ophthalmologist’s office. If you wish to see your computer and morning paper more clearly, contact the Orlando ophthalmology team at Magruder Laser Vision for a free consultation. Doc Brock would love to speak with you about this amazing advance in vision correction and help you see what you’ve been missing the past few years. Call 407-843-5665 today, and read our blogs for information on the latest eye correction procedures from the team that is Correcting Vision – Changing Lives!

Glasses Restrict These 3 Kinds of Outdoor Activities

Ahh, summer in Florida! The pool invites you to dive in, your boat is ready to hit the water, and you have your glove oiled for your favorite summer sport, baseball. Unfortunately, it seems whatever activity you enjoy outside is hindered by wearing glasses. Even a walk around the block can become dangerous if sweat drips on your glasses and you can no longer see the break in the sidewalk. Doc Brock, the Orlando ophthalmologist at Magruder Laser Vision, can help you enjoy your summer activities more with a corrective eye procedure that will keep you playing strong for decades to come.

  • Water Sports

Glasses and water sports simply do not mix. If you have forgotten to remove your glasses while swimming, chances are they landed at the bottom of the pool when you dove in. If they did manage to remain affixed to your noggin, the water streaming down either surface made it impossible to see through the lenses anyway. Swimming and surfing in a marine environment is even more detrimental since waves from the Gulf of Mexico or Atlantic Ocean can easily tear your glasses from your face. Contacts are slightly more adept to water until you open your eyes inadvertently and your lens floats innocently away.

  • Wind-Related Sports

Wind is a natural enemy to poor eyesight. Both glasses and contacts are no match to the shearing winds you experience while skydiving, riding in a powerboat, sailing, or skimming around in the water on a waverunner. Turning your head causes contacts and glasses to sail behind you, never to be seen again.

  • Baseball

The Boys of Summer will soon dot the diamond, waiting for pop flies and line drives. Playing baseball while wearing glasses is uncomfortable because of the constant stream of sweat pouring from your brow and fogging your lenses. Even worse, if your glasses are hit with a ball, the impact may damage your eye. Contacts are preferred for sports, but if a player from the opposing team slides into first and a cloud of dust and line chalk follows him, the debris can land in your eye and either damage your contact or become lodged between your cornea and your contact lens, causing extreme pain.

Learn the correct eyewear recommended for your favorite outdoor sport, or make this summer your best ever with a trip to Magruder Laser Vision to consult with Doc Brock and his staff about the possibility of a laser eye procedure to enhance your vision and put you back into your favorite sport. Call 407-843-5665 to schedule a free consultation with our Orlando ophthalmologist, and read our blogs for information on the latest in laser procedures to correct your vision.


Magruder Laser Vision is Different

Some eye clinics have a caring staff while others may use the latest technology. Checking out a third eye clinic, you may find specialized ophthalmologists with knowledge of the newest procedures. With so many Orlando ophthalmologists available, how do you decide? At Magruder Laser Vision, where our motto is “Correcting Vision – Changing Lives,” we strive to help every patient through a variety of differentiators.


When checking credentials, consider that Doc Brock has performed more than 25,000 procedures in his career, which began in 1987 with his first cataract surgery. His focus soon became LASIK procedures, and he has consistently been the forerunner in the latest technologies. From opening the first refractive surgery center in Central Florida to owning and operating the one of the first Autonomous Technologies Tracking Laser in the United States, Dr. Magruder believes patients deserve the best.


Doc Brock and his staff are dedicated to your eye health. He has 28 years of experience in eye procedures and strives to bring the latest procedures to you, such as KAMRA inlay that enhances more than nearsightedness. Depending on your eye’s vision problem – cataracts, myopia, hyperopia and/or astigmatism – at least one vision correction procedure will be recommended, and you can determine which will best suit your needs.


The state-of-the-art technology at Magruder Laser Vision is second to none. The sensitivity and specialization of the machines make it possible, after a consultation examination, to perform many procedures in less than a minute! Laser procedures are our forte; Doc Brock was integrated into the FDA investigational study site for Custom Cornea treatments in 2001, and in 2005, he was the first to offer the Alcon Wavelight Allegretto. This technology was the first excimer laser approved by the FDA  to improve night vision. When LASIK became blade-free, Doc Brock was the first ophthalmologist in Central Florida to be trained in Intralase iFS LASIK eye correction. The latest in technological breakthroughs are KAMRA inlays, and Dr. Magruder offers these cutting-edge procedures as well.


Our team of professionals would love for you to see better now rather than later. To this end, we offer financing for our laser eye treatments. Considering how much you spend on replacement contacts every month, investing that money into paying for a procedure that will rid you of your reliance on contacts is extremely worthwhile financially. No other ophthalmologist in Florida offers financing as good as Magruder Laser Vision. With $0 down and $0 interest plans through Alphaeon Credit, you can afford outstanding vision!

Call the Orlando ophthalmologist team who cares about your vision, Magruder Laser Vision, at 407-843-5665. We will gladly meet with you for a free consultation to determine how best to bring your eyesight into clear focus. Our blogs explain many of our procedures and the latest in technology for vision correction.

Make Your Summer Vacation Memorable

Summer vacation is a time to relax and stop worrying about school or work. Although vacationers who travel across the country may pack carefully, it seems something related to eye care is always missing. If you remember the contact case, you forget the solution. If you pack your glasses case that should contain your reading glasses, you find your glasses are at home on the desk where you carefully placed them before packing your case. The Orlando ophthalmology experts at Magruder Laser Vision may have an answer to your vacation predicament: a LASIK eye correction procedure that will finally allow you to throw out your glasses or contact lens gear.

Reaching Your Destination

The ability to see clearly is nothing short of incredible. It seems no matter what prescription your glasses or contacts, the clarity is not perfect 100% of the time. When you visit a new area during summer vacation, it is important to correctly navigate the road, paying attention to exit signs or road names. This is not easy with glasses or contacts; vision after LASIK is much clearer whether you are glancing at your speedometer or at the next freeway exit.

Experience Every Moment

Once you arrive at your destination, imagine being able to see the menu at the restaurant, the price tags on merchandise in the shopping center, or the numbers on your driver's license when you check into a motel. Looking across the pool for your teenager is also much clearer after LASIK.

LASIK Alleviates More Than Just Poor Eyesight

In the past, corrective eye procedures did not affect astigmatism. Today’s LASIK procedure is much more precise, and driving at night has never been easier. Lights are no longer doubled, and the annoying aura and sharp rays of light no longer emanate from every shining surface.

Before your vacation, speak with Doc Brock and the Orlando ophthalmology leaders at Magruder Laser Vision about seeing the world in a whole new light. It will be a vacation you remember forever because you were able to see far more than you thought possible. Even better, you don’t even have to pack contacts, cases, solution, or glasses… although sunglasses would probably be a bright idea! Call 407-843-5665 to schedule an appointment, and read our blog page for information pertaining to our staff, equipment, corrective procedures, and financing.