I Hit 40 and I Need Readers. What Gives?

QC_blog_post-(1)Your eye contains a specific elastic protein that is responsible for the rapid ability of your lens to change shape. This is how your eye focuses. The elasticity of this protein pulls and relaxes around the perimeter of the lens, causing it to stretch or relax. The change in the lens’s shape is responsible for our ability to see far away and close within a fraction of a second. As we age, the lens elasticity decreases and focusing ability decreases as well.  Most of us notice this change when we try in vain to focus on a prescription bottle, a magazine, or a book and cannot make the words come into focus. This condition is called presbyopia (literally “old eyes”) and affects more than a billion people around the world. How does this relate to needing readers? The Orlando ophthalmology experts at Magruder Laser Vision explain.

Less than 30 years ago, Americans had no choice when their vision became presbyopic; their doctors prescribed “readers,” or bifocals, to correct their vision. Doc Brock and the staff at Magruder Laser Vision want you to know that this condition is now treatable with a number of outpatient vision correction procedures that will make your life easier. Treatments may include KAMRA corneal inlay, LASIK, PRK, or refractive lens exchange. The first – KAMRA is the latest procedure specifically designed for people suffering from presbyopia. Knowing the health and structural integrity of your eye will determine which of these Orlando ophthalmology procedures is the correct one for you.


This is probably a procedure you are not familiar with because it is quite new. Working much like the lens of a camera (hence the name), this cutting-edge device controls the amount of light entering your eye and focuses it to give you enhanced visual clarity. This allows a greater focal range so you can see both distant and near objects without difficulty. Patients between the ages of 45 and 60 who have stable far vision but trouble seeing close up are the best candidates for this procedure.


LASIK is available for nearsighted, farsighted, astigmatic, and presbyopic patients. By changing the shape of the eye, the focal plane, which is too short in myopia and too long in hyperopia, is redirected to the fovea in the back of the eye where sharp vision is most easily recognized.


Photorefractive keratectomy is quite similar to LASIK except the laser focuses on the surface of the cornea rather than behind it. Recovery from PRK may be longer than LASIK recovery, however. PRK is well suited for military personnel and athletes with nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia.

Refractive Lens Exchange

In this procedure, the natural lens is replaced with an intraocular lens that has your prescription. Similar to cataract surgery, refractive lens surgery is a good choice for people with nearsightedness, farsightedness, or presbyopia. A multifocal intraocular lens allows patients to see a broad range of vision under many different lighting conditions and is preferred for close-up vision. An accommodating intraocular lens is more specific to far vision, and monovision correction has one focusing distance; your physician may recommend monovision correction with one eye focusing on far objects while the other eye accommodates near vision.

  Doc Brock and the Orlando ophthalmology staff at Magruder Laser Vision will be happy to explain all these procedures with you. There are many outpatient procedures that can help you toss those readers. Give us a call at 407-843-5665 to set up a free evaluation. Read our latest blogs for information pertaining to procedures, eye care, and eye health. Being well informed will help you make the correct vision-correction decision.

How Contacts Can be a NIGHTMARE!

scarycontacts Halloween is rapidly approaching. For some, Halloween is their once a year opportunity to transform into someone (or something) else. People spend enormous amounts of money to create authentic costumes right down to changing the color of their eyes. Orlando Ophthalmologist, Dr. Brock Magruder, wants you to know that you should never use colored costume contact lenses as part of your Halloween attire. The risks are too great, even if you only plan to wear them once, and here’s why:

  • Colored contact lenses manufactured for costume use are one size fits all. Prescription contact lenses are made in various sizes and curvatures and are prescribed for patients based on the best fit. An ill-fitting lens can cause serious damage to the cornea of your eye. A corneal scratch is the most common result of wearing poorly fitting lenses. This condition is very painful and can result in permanent scarring of the cornea.
  • A corneal scratch is subject to a high risk of infection such as keratitis.
  • Improper hygiene and insertion of colored costume lenses pose a greater risk of developing conjunctivitis (pink eye), which is a contagious infection that can easily spread to both eyes and to others.
  • Colored contact lenses can cause blurry vision and/or decreased vision. In extreme cases, blindness is a real possibility.
  • All of the above can result from wearing these types of lenses only one time.

Let’s be realistic. Did Victor Frankenstein fix his monster’s vision or care what color they were before bringing his creation to life? Highly doubtful. When Dracula transforms from bat into vampire does his eye color change or does his vision improve? Don’t think so. So why would anyone want to jeopardize the health of their eyes or their vision just to play a part? It’s just not worth the risk.

People who wear prescription contact lenses are instructed in their proper insertion and removal along with correct cleaning and storage methods. Over-the-counter colored contacts do not provide the consumer with any of the procedures used to keep your eyes safe, especially if they have been purchased at the local Halloween store, novelty store, or beauty salon. If you have chosen to wear these colored contact lenses and experience the slightest discomfort, we cannot stress enough the importance of getting to your eye care professional immediately! Permanent damage can be caused in as little as 24 hours, so you cannot afford to ignore any symptoms you might experience.

Don’t take a chance of having your eyes look mummified! Severe swelling and redness is a real possibility if you chose to wear colored lenses for a costume. At Magruder Laser Vision, Orlando Ophthalmologist, Doc Brock, and his skilled team want you to protect your eyes and keep them healthy. Magruder Laser Vision. Correcting Vision. Changing Lives.

Things You Get to Throw Away After Eye Surgery

When a patient first steps through the doors of Magruder Laser Vision, Doc Brock and his staff want to know what brings them to our offices and to open a discussion about the reasons they are considering eye laser surgery in Orlando. One of the most frequent responses we receive is a simple one: patients are tired. They are tired of having to put on glasses before they get out of bed in the morning. They are tired of having to take their contact lenses out before going to bed and struggling to get them back in the following morning. Dr. Brock Magruder consults personally with each patient to determine if eye laser surgery is a viable option for their unique circumstances. Whether you are nearsighted (myopia), farsighted (hyperopia), or suffering from the symptoms of a cataract, there is typically an eye laser surgical procedure that can eliminate the problem and correct your vision. At Magruder Laser Vision, we offer KAMRA, LASIK, PRK, ICL, refractive lens exchange, and laser cataract surgery, all of which are proven methods for restoring vision and improving the quality of life of our patients.  


There are so much paraphernalia associated with wearing glasses and/or contact lenses, and it’s all costly. Frames and glass lenses are expensive. Contact lenses are expensive and require regular replacement. If you wear glasses or contacts, you know that you always have to have lens cleaner and cloths, cases, and cleaning solution on hand. Living in Florida, you also have to have clipon sunglasses or a pricey pair of prescription sunglasses, or lenses that darken when exposed to the bright sun. People who wear contact lenses and glasses are tired of having to lug around all of the additional equipment just so they can see the world clearly.  

Traveling as a glasses or contact lens wearer requires careful packing of all the items listed above. There is nothing worse than arriving at your destination only to find out you forgot to pack your glasses or a spare pair of contact lenses. You are pretty much praying throughout the entire trip that nothing happens to what you did manage to pack.

Doc Brock wants you to know that there are alternatives available to help correct your vision that will allow you to toss the glasses, the contacts, the dime store readers, and all of the “stuff” that accompanies being dependent on them to see the world as it was intended.  He invites you to come in for a no-cost consultation to determine if you are an eye laser surgery in Orlando candidate. The skilled staff at Magruder Laser Vision is devoted to helping you restore your vision and allow you to live life unencumbered by the costly supplies associated with glasses and contact lenses. Contact us online, or call us at 407-843-5665. We are Magruder Laser Vision — Correcting Eyes. Changing Lives.

FAQs about KAMRA Inlay

KAMRA So, you’ve reached “that age” and have been diagnosed with presbyopia (loss of near vision). You may believe that the only option to being able to read, work on the computer, or perform routine daily activities is to invest heavily in reading glasses and strategically place them around your home and workplace. Fear not! KAMRA in Orlando might be the better solution to your vision issue.

The KAMRA inlay helps to provide a normal range of vision without blurry zones from up close to farther away. Doc Brock of Magruder Laser Vision has compiled a few of the most frequently asked questions about KAMRA Inlay to help you learn more about this amazing option for treating presbyopia.

What is the KAMRA inlay?

The KAMRA inlay is a corneal inlay, which is extremely thin and smaller in diameter than a    contact lens. The center of the inlay has an opening which is placed in front of the pupil’s center. It works much the same as a pinhole camera does. The natural range of vision is increased, which results in closer objects appearing closer and in focus. As alluded to above, the inlay is placed in the non-dominant eye which allows for the distance vision in the dominant eye to remain intact thus striking a perfect balance between near and far vision.

After the procedure will I feel the inlay in my eye?

No. The KAMRA inlay is inserted into a miniscule pocket below the area at which the cornea feels sensation.

Is the KAMRA inlay visible to others?  

Not as a rule. The inlay can only be detected if someone happens to be exceedingly close and looking at your eyes from an angle and if they are really looking for it.

Is the KAMRA inlay considered a mono-vision corrective procedure?

Kamra inlays work differently than monovision. The inlay improves nearsightedness and intermediate vision without affecting your ability to see things far away.

Is the KAMRA inlay like a contact lens and does it require a new prescription periodically?

No. The inlay doesn’t contain a prescription lens with corrective measurements. It works by increasing your depth of focus and, typically, requires no adjustment. If your vision remains stable, the inlay has been shown to improve vision in excess of five years.

Will the KAMRA inlay need to be removed if I develop cataracts?

No. Cataracts will not impact the way in which the KAMRA inlay functions. If determined ready for removal, normal cataract procedures may be used to remove them without impeding the function of the KAMRA inlay.

Is the KAMRA inlay permanent?

No. The inlay may be removed at any time.

Having KAMRA in Orlando is a great alternative to the annoyance of having to grab a pair of readers to clearly see everything you do. To find out if you are a qualified candidate for the KAMRA inlay, contact us online, or call us at 407-843-5665. Living life to the fullest without the need for reading glasses or bifocals doesn’t have to be a dream; it can be your reality with the help of Doc Brock. We are Magruder Laser Vision — Correcting Eyes. Changing Lives.

Magruder Laser Vision Now Offers the KAMRA Procedure

Magruder-Laser-Vision-Now-Offers-the-KAMRA-Procedure Have you been stretching your arms to their maximum length and still unsuccessfully struggling to read the book in front of you? Do you find yourself purchasing and stashing reading glasses in every room in your home and have spare pairs hidden in your desk at work? Do you feel totally helpless when you leave your reading glasses at home and can’t read the menu in a restaurant? Oh, and are you between 40 and 50 years of age? Welcome to one of the great signs of achieving middle-aged status. You don’t need to be frustrated; you need an option: introducing the KAMRA Orlando Procedure at Magruder Laser Vision.

Presbyopia is the medical term for the loss of near vision. Reading, computer work, knitting, cooking, a plethora of daily life activities become almost impossible to do without wearing reading glasses. The KAMRA inlay may just be the ideal solution for you if you hate wearing reading glasses. What makes the KAMRA procedure so appealing? The KAMRA inlay helps to provide a normal range of vision without blurry zones from near to far. The inlay is long lasting and works with your dominant eye to provide clarity both near and far.

The KAMRA inlay is a corneal inlay which is extremely thin and smaller in diameter than a contact lens. The center of the inlay has an opening which is placed in front of the pupil’s center. It works much the same as a pin-hole camera does. The natural range of vision is increased, which results in closer objects appearing closer and in focus. As alluded to above, the inlay is placed in the non-dominant eye which allows for the distance vision in the dominant eye to remain intact thus striking a perfect balance between near and far vision.

The KAMRA corneal inlay was developed by AcuFocus, and it was approved for use in the United States in 2015 by the Food and Drug Administration. It has become the #1 prescribed corneal inlay worldwide, available in over 30 countries!

This highly-advanced technological procedure takes approximately 15 minutes from start to finish and is performed right here at Magruder Laser Vision. There are no stitches involved and no corneal tissue is removed, so the recuperation time is speedy. Vision tends to improve gradually for both near and far, as your eye and brain adapt to the new range of focus. Unlike other corrective eye surgeries, the KAMRA inlay procedure can be removed.

The KAMRA in Orlando procedure is a great alternative to reading glasses to qualified patients of Magruder Laser Vision. To find out if the KAMRA inlay is an alternative to reading glasses that’s right for you, contact us online, or call us at 407-843-5665. Living a life without the need for glasses or contacts doesn’t have to be a dream; it can be a reality with the help of Doc Brock. We are Magruder Laser Vision — Correcting Eyes. Changing Lives.

What is KAMRA?

KAMRA If you have decided it is time you want to see the world clearly without the aid of glasses or contact and considering laser eye surgery in Orlando, it’s important to research potential procedures and providers carefully. While most individuals have heard of traditional LASIK, they might not be as familiar with a procedure known as KAMRA. An effective treatment for those who struggle to read and see objects close up, KAMRA has been embraced by eye surgeons who offer cutting-edge and innovative treatments to help people improve their vision.

How KAMRA Works

Tiny, implantable lenses, KAMRA inlays help patients see clearly without reading glasses. A simple procedure, KAMRA treatments are performed in a doctor’s office and take just 20 minutes to complete. Dr. Magruder evaluates patients in his Orlando office before deciding if they are good candidates for KAMRA or other laser treatments.

An inlay treatment, KAMRA allows a wide variety of patients to enjoy clearer vision without the aid of glasses or contacts. Best of all, there are no blurry areas in your range of vision – after undergoing KARMA, you will be able to see both near and far without a hassle. Enjoy all your regular activities without being reliant on one or more pairs of glasses to see.

Benefits of KAMRA

If you’re tired of searching for your glasses or struggling to read the paper in the morning, KAMRA might be for you. Not only does this treatment provide patients with a more natural range of vision, but it also delivers long-term results so you can see better for years to come. Enjoy greater vision while retaining your distance vision and depth perception. And because KAMRA is removable, patients can always change their minds at a later date.

Contact Magruder Laser Vision for Laser Eye Surgery in Orlando

For KAMRA in Orlando, trust Doc Brock and the experts at Magruder Laser Vision. Make sure you’re taking the best first step to simplifying your lifestyle. Since 1995, we offer a countless array of treatments to help individuals see more clearly without relying on glasses or contacts. Enjoy the everyday freedom to experience life without glasses. To learn more about KAMRA, call 407-843-5665 today, or schedule a priority consultation with Doc Brock online. We are Magruder Laser Vision — Correcting Eyes. Changing Lives.