The Cost of NOT Getting LASIK

The Cost of NOT Getting LASIK

Several of your friends have suddenly stopped wearing glasses. When you asked if they switched to contacts, they said that they recently had a LASIK procedure at Magruder Laser Vision, the Orlando LASIK professionals.

Why Financing is a Great Option to Improve Your Vision

finance1 You have heard the success stories and done all the research. You’ve decided to schedule a consultation with Dr. Brock Magruder of Magruder Laser Vision to see if you are a good candidate for eye laser surgery in Orlando to correct your vision. You are, however, also keenly aware of your finances and that most insurance coverage does not provide benefits for the LASIK procedure.

The feasibility of financing your laser eye surgery is an individual decision, and you must feel comfortable with what you ultimately decide to do. If you wear contact lenses and glasses, consider that, on average, you spend about $260 per year on just contact lenses.

For some who wear bifocal lenses, patients with astigmatism, or those who prefer particular brands of contact lenses, they may pay up to three times that amount. The purchase of cleaning and disinfecting solutions can cost you another $150 to $200 per year. That totals up to a minimum of nearly $9,200 over a 20-year period if prices hold true.

To this, you must also include the eyeglasses that you wear as a backup to your contacts. A conservative pair of frames and lenses will cost about $350.00 plus the average fee of $125.00 for your annual eye exam. Over the same 20-year period, you may expect to pay upwards of $4,750 if you require new glasses every two years. Laser eye surgery will allow for you to save more of your hard-earned money over the years to come. Plus, you’ll never have to wear glasses or contacts again.

At Magruder Laser Vision, we accept all major forms of traditional payments and credit cards and make it very affordable for you to have your procedure by offering a variety of financing options. There is a plan to fit almost every budget. We offer the most generous financing options in Florida, including $0 down, 0% interest plans, and guaranteed approval on 0% financing.

Magruder Laser Vision is happy to announce 24-month, ZERO-interest financing through our finance partner Alphaeon. If you are able to pay off the balance prior to the end of the 24-month period, you’ll have paid ZERO interest for your procedure, and you’ve won twice!

If you participate in a Health Savings Account or Flex Spending Account, the money saved can be used as the down payment towards your surgery, which allows you to have the procedure sooner without having to finance the entire amount. These are pre-tax dollars and can save you up to $900.00.


Eye laser surgery in Orlando is extremely affordable and will save you money for years to come, and let us not forget about freeing you from the hassle of wearing glasses and contact lenses. Contact Magruder Laser Vision today to schedule a no-cost consultation with Doc Brock to determine if you are a candidate for eye laser surgery. Then, explore the finance options available and select the one that works best for you. Ditch the glasses and contacts, and start seeing the world clearly. Magruder Laser Vision – Correcting Vision. Changing Lives.

The Cost of LASIK vs. a Lifetime of Contacts

We all want a younger, fresher appearance and no one really wants the hassle of caring for contact lenses or glasses. When I ask patients why they have put off LASIK eye surgery, the major reason they give is cost. However, the cost of LASIK may be more affordable than you think! In fact, it will even SAVE you money in the long run!

LaserVue’s LASIK Cost Comparison

Let’s break down the average LASIK cost compared to the cost of contact lenses and care. A typical patient who wears contact lenses spends $500 to $700 per year on the actual contact lenses. Care products, such as contact lens solution can cost you another $150! Of course, patients need a pair of glasses to wear when they are not wearing their contacts. The average price for a pair of prescription glasses is around $300, but can quickly get more expensive if you upgrade to designer frames or other add-ons, such as scratch coating. On average, patients change their glasses about every 2 years. However, their contact lens prescription is only good for one year.

Let’s do that math and see how LASIK eye surgery can save YOU money!

Contacts and care products cost about $650-$850 per year. Over a 5-year period, that’s $3,250 to $4,250. Factor in a couple of pairs of prescription glasses, and the cost is $3,850 to $4,850!

Paying LASIK Eye Surgery Costs is Easy with LaserVue

There are a number of ways to pay for your surgery. Flexible spending accounts are a great way to pay AND receive a tax break. LaserVue also offers several financing options from 0% interest for 12 months to an affordable monthly budget plan that costs about as much as your cell phone bill.

The Cost of Laser Surgery in Orlando

Finding the Right Orlando LASIK Eye Surgeon Should Not Be Based on Costs

Let’s talk about money. Do not base your decision on who can do your laser eye surgery for the least amount of money. If this is the case, put your contacts back in and start saving until you can make your decision based on experience, latest technology and a LASIK eye surgeon with deep roots in your town. A LASIK eye surgeon should be able to evaluate you and tell you how much. Sliding scales are a joke…it costs him the same amount of money to treat a -1.00 with no astigmatism as it does a -3.00 with astigmatism. You are too smart; don’t fall for it. Also, if you are offered “newer laser eye surgery technology” or “safer blade-free” at an additional cost for LASIK eye surgery, walk away. A doctor should NEVER make the patient chose between “ok” and “safer / better”. A true LASIK eye surgeon will always use their best technology for your case.

Our Cost Savings Calculator Shows How Much You Could Be Saving With LASIK

The main thing holding people back from LASIK eye surgery in Orlando is the cost of laser eye surgery. The financial part of your decision is easier than you think! Most laser eye surgery centers offer affordable payment plans that cost a lot less than your cellphone bill. If you really think about what you spend in glasses and contacts in a year, you will realize that LASIK eye surgery actually breaks even in about 3-4 years. Want to know how? You can use our laser eye surgery cost savings calculator to actually calculate how much you will save on glasses and contact lenses by getting laser eye surgery. The huge amount you can save on contacts and glasses will surprise you!

Alternative Cost Savings For LASIK Eye Surgery

If you don’t like to finance, check with your employer to see if they offer an HSA (Health Savings Account) or FSA (Flex Savings Account). These are accounts where you put money, TAX FREE each pay period to pay for medical expenses. While these accounts won’t pay for you to get your teeth whitened, it will cover your laser eye surgery cost. If all else fails, cold hard cash and credit cards will work!

Next week we talk about another thing that holds people back from laser eye surgery in Orlando: fear. We’ll tell you how to overcome it, and what you need to know to find the best LASIK eye surgeon for you.

Want to know more? You can always schedule your free priority consultation with Magruder Laser Vision and take the next step in saving big on your current eyeglass and contact lens expenses.

The Coupon Center -- Are You Really Getting the Best Deal on Laser Eye Surgery?

The LASIK Eye Surgery Coupon – Watch Out For Those Hidden Fees

We have all seen that coupon in the Sunday paper “$299* per eye for LASIK Eye Surgery”. What we fail to notice is that tiny, starry looking thingy next to the nine. It is called an asterisk, and it means, “watch out”. This eye-catching coupon ad is a come on to get you through the door. Once you are through the door, everything else is an add-on. Do you have astigmatism? That will cost you more. Do you want their newer, “safer” technology? More. Post op care? More. Warranty on your new peepers? Cha-ching! It all adds up quickly. The fact of the matter is excimer lasers cost over $500K. The doctor, trained staff, rent and all the other equipment used in providing even minimal care, let alone laser eye surgery would not come close to being covered if they charged only $299 per eye, so are you really getting a good deal on your Laser Eye Surgery?

What Questions to Ask at Your LASIK Eye Surgery Consultation

When you call to make your appointment for a LASIK eye surgery consultation, does a human or a machine answer the phone? Chose the facility with a human. A human can answer questions. A human can get things done. What a machine says to me is: “We are cutting costs. Our profit is more important than being convenient and courteous to you”. Also, during the initial call, if you get to talk to a human, ask questions. How much is the procedure? This is important; if they are hesitant or will not answer the question, this is the same thing as that nasty little asterisk in the coupon ad. Watch out for evasiveness.

During your “FREE” LASIK consultation, did you meet the surgeon? If not, whom is this cheery person doing these tests and determining that you are a candidate for surgery?? Only a licensed doctor can evaluate the tests and determine if you are an ideal candidate for laser eye surgery. Not a salesperson accepting a coupon. Let me say this again, a sales person, LASIK counselor or refractive coordinator is NOT qualified to determine if laser eye surgery is best for you. I shouldn’t have to tell you this, but it is important to meet your surgeon BEFORE you make the decision to let this person do LASIK surgery on your eyes. If the doctor is too busy to take the time, sit down and discuss the procedure while you are still in the “shopping phase”, do you honestly think he is going to have time to see you once he has your money? It is also important to have a good rapport with not only the surgeon, but his staff as well. This team of professionals will be taking care of you during your post op phase. It is important that you actually like them.

Want to know more? Check back next week for the next part in our misleading eye-care coupon series to tips on how to find the best LASIK eye surgery doctor for you.