5 Reasons Why You Should Get LASIK in 2016

lasik The decision to pursue LASIK eye surgery in Orlando is a significant one with potentially long-lasting effects. However, when performed by a nationally-recognized surgeon like Dr. Brock Magruder Jr., at Magruder Laser Vision, these procedures offer numerous benefits to both health and quality of life. Here are five of the many reasons that you should consider getting LASIK in 2016:

  1. Save Money on Glasses and Contacts: It’s no secret that glasses and contacts are expensive. In fact, experts estimate that most people spend on average $100 - $200 a month on contacts, solutions, and prescription eyewear. That's $1200 a year — for life! By undergoing LASIK, qualified candidates can save thousands in eye care costs throughout their lifetimes. When you schedule your surgery at Magruder Laser Vision, you can pay for treatment all at once or spread out the cost over several months. The end result is superior vision without having to spend a fortune on designer frames.
  2. Minimize Risk of Infections: Many Americans assume that laser eye surgery is riskier than wearing contacts every day. However, the truth is that LASIK eye surgery in Orlando and other procedures offer less risk than wearing daily contacts and much less risk than donning extended-wear contacts. After all, contact wearers are constantly inserting and removing their lenses, forcing them to touch their eyes with regularity. With laser eye surgery, you can improve your vision while minimizing your odds of contracting a nasty infection.
  3. Experience Fast Results: One of the best benefits of laser eye surgery is that patients experience minimal downtime. In most cases, individuals return to work or school the day after undergoing treatment.
  4. Improve Work and Play Experiences: Tired of your glasses falling off in yoga class? After undergoing laser eye surgery, you can say goodbye to inconvenient glasses and uncomfortable contacts. Not only does this treatment make everyday life more pleasant, but it also opens up activities like swimming and soccer that might have been previously unavailable to you.
  5. Enjoy Clearer Vision: Of course, the biggest reason to undergo LASIK in Orlando is to improve your vision. According to studies, better than 99 percent of excellent candidates for LASIK are satisfied with their treatment results.

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If you could change your life with the cost of an average cell phone bill, would you do it? Start considering , and schedule a priority consultation with Doc Brock to find out if you’re a candidate. Ideal candidates for LASIK eye surgery include patients 18 years and older with stable vision. If you’re suffering in your everyday life with near or farsightedness or astigmatism, then you should talk with Doc Brock, the most trusted eye surgeon in Orlando. Call 407-843-5665 to find out if you are an ideal patient for LASIK, and start enjoying the view without glasses or contacts.LASIK eye surgery in Orlando