3 Strange Eye Conditions

You know to go to the eye doctor for regular eye exams and if you’re interested in improving your vision with LASIK surgery. But what you may not know is that a specialist may also be familiar with some strange eye conditions—both scary and harmless. Check out these three strange eye conditions that you probably didn’t know existed:

  1. Polycoria is a very rare condition—only a small number of instances have been recorded in the history of the world. People with true polycoria have more than one pupil in one eye. They are contained in the same iris but operate independently of one another. Some people appear to have multiple irises, a condition known as pseudopolycoria. In this case, the irises aren’t independent and work together. Polycoria may cause minor vision loss, but doesn’t affect the inner workings of the eye.
  2. Heterochromia is the official name for different colored eyes. The condition is fairly well known, thanks to various actresses that have become famous for the different eye colors they feature. What you may not know is that heterochromia is categorized according to color. In some cases, within one eye, parts may be differently colored. In other cases, there may be a ring of color around an eye.
  3. Eye tumors are rare. They usually appear behind the eye, but in some cases they can appear in front of the eye, creating an unusual sight. Most instances of eye tumors are benign and don’t usually cause vision problems, so they are usually left alone rather than removed. In some rarer cases, they may grow hairs or sweat glands and be removed if they cause discomfort.

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